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An artist who loves to express sexual desire through her works and characters.
I usually make animations of more than 5 minutes and I cover most categories in intercourse, always with a context or a story that will hook you and fascinate you.

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Posted by FaithBell - August 4th, 2021


For those who did not see the end of my last animation (in almost all my animations there is a surprise at the end) I mention my next animation which will also be 6 minutes long.

animation context:

Evelynn and kai'sa went on a photo shoot out of the country and took the manager (Ahri's Boyfriend) with a lot of work and business to do at the KDA office, Ahri and Akali had to hire another temporary manager to take over the band's duties, this is Ethan's story.

Ethan admired the KDA girls and dreamed of one day being part of the band, this time his prayers were heard by his pink bell goddess and fortunately there was a vacant position in the KDA offices where he fit perfectly:

The Manager.

One night Ethan received a call from his friend Dante, who knew the former manager of KDA, telling him that the position was waiting for him.

Ethan took his bags and went to the KDA offices, where he was very well received and it was from here that strange things started to happen.

One day Ethan was walking down a hallway when he heard his name in a door ajar, there were Ahri and Akali talking about him and what they thought about his physical appearance, Ethan stayed listening until Ahri and Akali began to touch each other in a very sensual way, telling each other how sexy they were, until they began to give each other a lot of love ;), Ethan was just watching and experimenting what a real spy was, but this story doesn't end here, something else happened and at the same time very funny (that you will see in the animation) and Ethan ended up having sex with both of them, a happy ending for our protagonist.

I hope you like this animation and share it on many sites, that would help me a lot.

Until next time and have a great day ;)

-Faith Bell



Posted by FaithBell - June 22nd, 2021

For those who did not see the end of my last animation (in almost all my animations there is a surprise at the end) I mention my next animation which will also be 6 minutes long.

History of the animation:

Skyrim is one of the best rpg games of all times, with mods you can have endless entertainment, but one of the best categories of mods, are those beautiful followers that you can add to your world. this is the story of Cale, who is a fan of this game and especially of a follower that cost him a lot to get: 2B. He dreamed of having her in real life because she is his waifu and one night his pleas were heard by his pink bell goddess ;). With the help of Farengar Secret-Fire, 2B went through a portal in Oblivion and arrived at Cale's house who opened the door and was met with such a pleasant surprise.

2B was heartbroken because there was no longer any dragonblood to serve and she needed someone to be her follower, Cale convinced her by telling her that he was the dragonblood of her world and he would gladly accept her to be his follower, from that moment on 2B is now Cale's beautiful follower and they would have sex for the rest of their lives.

I hope you enjoy this animation and share it in more places where it can be published, it would help me a lot. The last animation I made Tifa captures Cloud had a lot of acceptance more than I expected, so this animation I will improve many aspects following the advice of your comments u.u. Have a great day

-Faith Bell